Twenty-six cars that are worth knowing. This idea was blatantly stolen from Aaron over at DrawsYourCar (buy his version now!), but he gave me his blessing to remix his project. While I did initially look at his art, I am purposely not going to refresh my memory as I complete my own version. It will be interesting to see which cars match up once this is done.

Exotics candied red, waxed not to fade,
Black's for the limo'd one percent who got paid.
Crystal is blue and hybrids are green,
Hummers are yellow so their drivers are seen.
But beige is for the ugliest car ever made,
The Pontiac Aztek which failed the grade.

My biceps were hurting, blacks, purples and blues,
For each Bug that we passed earned another small bruise.
Kids around the world knew the car's shape from afar,
as the game was the perfect way to pass time in the car.
We laugh and we hit and we hurt and we scoff,
but if I see another Beetle my arms might fall off.

It makes no sense, it's the most impractical way,
all of the builders heard themselves say,
for if you're speeding along while taking a ride
pulling the handle would be suicide!
But Henry forged right ahead, not listening,
and the Continental quickly deVilled the king.





If you start with a brick and you add doors and glass,
some wheels, knobby tires and a huge tank of gas,
four seats, lotsa lights, some severe turbo lag,
maybe some guns, some mud and an American flag,
then you end up with a ridiculous giant machine of a beast
And when gas prices get jacked you say rest in peace.


You're doing it wrong putting the engine in the back,
It'll spin right around the moment you get on the track!
But add a couple more cylinders and some all-wheel-go,
A whale on the deck and a massive turbo,
Then maybe, just maybe, you can ignore all the jeers
And keep selling the same car for fifty more years.

Rolls Royce
Opulence is a word that means super nice,
And hand-crafted is a term that doubles the price
Of the layers of wood, leather and chrome
That are nicer than anything you have in your home
But I hope you have cash or you sure can't sit next to me
To get chauffeured to the bank behind the Spirit of Ecstacy.

I bought a new car, it doesn't make any noise,
As I'm showing it off to all of my boys,
It's the greenest of green and the fastest of fast,
It'll outrun a sports car but burns zero gas!
Well let's go for a ride and you can burn off that tread!
I can't go right now because my batteries are dead.

Your Rover's broke down and an axle's bent on the Jeep,
And your 4Runner's on E and the Samurai's too cheap,
The FJ's been borrowed and your Bronco's real messy,
Your K5's roof collapsed and the G-wagon's too dressy,
The Discovery's on fire and your Hummer's a target,
So what else would you use to zip down to the market?

All incedental
Thank god it's a rental

It's not a real Willys, not even a CJ,
Nothing else rhymes except BJ.