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If you walked into a Toyota dealer in 1987 you would find not one Corolla hatchback, not two Corolla hatchbacks, but THREE to choose from. Of course the lusty AE86 liftback took center stage (especially in GT-S trim) and in the far, far, far back of the lot you had the five-door Chevy Nova twin, but right in the middle you would find the FX hatchback. It was probably parked right next to the MR2, which was natural because under their skin they were almost the same vehicle. The MR2 got the rear-mounted 4AGE driving the rear wheels, and the Corolla FX16 had the same drivetrain just switched to the front of the car. Anyway, why do we care? Blame @jasonsfx for catching my eye with his super clean example wearing Tom's Racing Vestas. It's all his fault.